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There are some new laws from December 2021 that we must abide by for same day alcohol delivery:

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Import vs Local - Becks

Let's start with a general review of Becks, to put it simply Becks in general is a bloody good beer.

It's a beer great for a Friday night session of chicken schnitzel and rugby in front of the telly. If you don't want a fancy import then Becks is the way to go.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty, the big debate. Import vs Locally Brewed.

The import is great beer: great taste and not like the watered down other beers like *cough* corona. Nice sweet malty flavour with a small bitter hop taste that doesn't make you go, "Bloody hell who put the lemon in my beer.".

But, the local Beck's, I simply have to put it bluntly, Why?!

It is a completely different taste, the import is nice, fresh and reminds you of a summer breeze sitting down watching a game of cricket. The local on the other hand, reminds you of an overcooked piece of schnitzel without enough seasoning that has been left out on the stove for too long.

Simple - go for the import in this case don't even bother with the local brewed version, it just tastes like a water downed off VB.

So the scores...

Import: 4/5 booze hounds
Local: 2/5 booze hounds

Overall, a great tasting lager that can easily be paired with any food, and highly recommended. Imports can be sourced from your local beer maniac delivered free (sorry, not the beer, the delivery is free) with this link:



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